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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Tucson

tucson hormone replacement

hormone therapy tucson

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Tucson

Hormone therapy as the name implies is the use of hormones for treating certain medical conditions. The mostly known one is the use of hormone therapy for the treatment of menopause and related symptoms, heart diseases and osteoporosis.
Hormone therapy was first used in the 1940s but became popular in the 1960s and was greatly used in the management of menopause (the time in a woman’s life when she gradually stops having blood flow from her womb each month).

What causes menopause?

Menopause is caused by several factors some of which are natural and the others as a result of some other factors. They include natural decline in reproductive hormone production (estrogen and progesterone), hysterectomy (a medical operation that removes part or a woman’s entire womb), chemotherapy or radiation therapy, ovarian insufficiency, etc.

What are the symptoms of menopause?

Mostly, menopause occurs naturally as a woman approach her late 30s. During this period, there are some signs that are to be watched out for and they could be sleep problems, mood changes, weight gain, slowed body metabolism, hot flashes, dryness of the vagina, irregularities in period, loss of breast fullness, osteoporosis (rare), and attendant dryness of skin.
It is worthy of mention that these symptoms are not particular to menopause as could also be associated with other conditions.

Why then do people opt for hormone replacement therapy?

As earlier stated when someone begins to advance in age, the production of estrogen and progesterone decreases causing the fore mentioned symptoms to women. To avoid these conditions, estrogen and other reproduction hormones are artificially injected into the body either to increase the level of the said hormone or to replace hormones that are no longer created.
Also, people opt in for this hormone replacement because they want to feel younger and full of energy (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy)

Are there benefits of hormone replacement therapy?

Sure! These benefits can be easily deduced from the symptoms mentioned above. They help reduce hot flashes, improve sleep, cause better mood, reduces vaginal dryness, stabilizes body metabolism, reduces the risk of osteoporosis related to menopause, helps improve libido, improves cholesterol levels, improves concentration and memory levels, etc.

What are the known brands of hormone replace drugs and supplements?

Below is a list of FDA approved brands for treating these symptoms associated with menopause;
Menest, Amen, Estrace, Alora, Esstrogel, Estrasorb, Premarin, Ovrette, Aygestin, Provera, Cycrin, Estinyl, Vagifem, Femring, Ogen, Enjuvia, Esclim, Vivelle, etc.

What are the side effects of hormone therapy?

Yes there are some side effects of these hormone therapies. They may include abdominal pain, yeast infections, breast cancer, epilepsy, decreased libido, stokes or heart attacks, drowsiness, aggression, acne, conjunctivitis, etc.
As usual, it is advised that you consult your medical doctor whenever you notice these symptoms. Also, avoid self-medication because it kills. These symptoms are not particular to hormone therapy and so, do not assume it.

Does it have any dosage?

The dosage is left for your doctor to decide. It is advised that you ensure he or she knows your health status before prescribing any drug for you to avoid complications

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