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Low Testosterone Facts

Testosterone is a hormone that belongs to the family of hormones known as the androgens. It is a sex hormone as we all know, produced by the testes and is responsible for making a man “manly”.
Its functions that makes it a very invaluable hormone in man include that it helps in deepening a man’s voice, increase his sex drive, bone and muscle mass, improve erectile function, provides lots of energy for the body, sperm production and also helps in the production of red blood cells.

This hormone is also present in women but about 20 times less than the quantity produced in men. In women, it is produced by the ovaries and the adrenal gland.
What are the symptoms of low secretion of testosterone (andropause)?

Women as we all know reach a certain age in their lives that they are said to have entered menopause (the time in a woman’s life when she gradually stops having periods i.e. blood flow from her womb each month).

In men however, there are no distinctive period called menopause. Because of this, some doctors in some quarters prefer to call a decline in the production of men’s sex hormone (testosterone) as andropause. The process unlike that of women is slow.

As earlier stated, testosterone carries out some functions that makes a man, a man. One can easily guess the symptoms of low secretion of testosterone. Below are some of the symptoms:

  • Fatigue: as stated above, this hormone helps in giving strength to a man and so, if someone experiences andropause, the person feels extremely tired always. If you feel such, then you might want to go for a test to ascertain your testosterone level (below 300 Nano grams per deciliter).
  • Depression: the human psychology is one that automatically responds to current situations of someone. If a man sees that he cannot “perform”, it plunges him into depression and sometimes can lead to his thinking of many negative things.
  • Erectile dysfunction: this follows from the fact that the hormone helps in proper erection. A drop in the production, surely leads to erectile dysfunction and other sexual related problems in man.
  • Insomnia: andropause has also been linked to being a causative factor of insomnia (the inability of someone to sleep over a period of time) in men.
  • Increase in body fat and other body changes: low secretion of testosterone can lead to decrease in muscle mass and also, unequal distribution of body fat which leads to obesity.

What then are the possible ways of treating andropause?

Low testosterone treatment is possible and there are high success rates recoded in the treatment. Some ways of treating andropause include:

  • Natural treatments: there are a number of things and lifestyle changes that can help restore testosterone level to normalcy.
  • Weight loss: any process that can help reduce weight will also be very nice for testosterone boost. There are so many ways of losing weight like; exercises and regular walkouts, Coolsculpting, liposuction, etc.
  • Stress minimization: stress as we all know is linked to increase of cortisol level which in the long run can lead to decrease in testosterone level.

Cortisol, a steroid hormone produced during physical or mental tension has an inverse relationship with testosterone and as such, subjecting yourself to too much stress will cause an increase in cortisol and a corresponding decrease in testosterone level.
Intake of testosterone boosting foods: some foods are known to help boost testosterone level. They include pomegranate, olive oil, oysters, coconut, cruciferous vegetables, garlic, etc.
Therapy: there are also therapeutic treatments for andropause. Some of such therapies that can be used include: the application of testosterone-containing gels on the skin and allowing it to diffuse into the blood, injection of the hormone into the muscles, attachment of testosterone pallets, etc.

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