Health Services for Her

Anti-Aging treatments, botox, hormone therapy, weight loss, phentermine, lipotropics and much much more. Tucson Wellness MD has a menu of amazing services all monitored and administered by seasoned professionals in the medical industry. We offer a FREE no obligation consultation where you have the opportunity to meet one of our medical staff. The consultation is a great place to ask questions, learn about innovative new treatments and much much more.

Health Services for Him

Tucson Wellness MD has been helping men in Arizona feel better and look better with services like testosterone therapy and medical weight loss treatments. Explore our growing list of services and treatments, sign up for a FREE no obligation medical consultation. Utilize our blood testing service to gain insight into important hormone levels that can often go un-treated until they become major health problems. Feeling depressed, low energy, low libido, weight gain and weaker than usual erections could be the early signs of hormone imbalance and low T levels. HRT can help you feel like yourself again.

Tucson Wellness Services for him and her

Welcome to Tucson Wellness MD where you can take charge of your health, shed unwanted pounds, learn more about your hormone levels and generally feel better without breaking the bank.  Tucson Wellness MD believes in serving our customers with premium health care services at affordable rates services such as Low testosterone treatments, botox, b12 injections and medical weight loss prescriptions can all be prescribed.  Additional services include weight loss nutrition consultations, in-body scans, performance tracking, hormone therapy, blood testing and much more.  The medical staff at Tucson Wellness MD is licensed by the state of Arizona and has several years of experience helping people feel younger, lose weight and finally take charge of their lives.