Benefits of the B-12 Shot

In addition to a healthy diet, injection therapy with Vitamin B12 shots can alleviate signs of this deficiency. At Tucson Wellness MD Anti-Aging is our mission, we offer B12 shots with the addition of other components to provide an amazing experience for our patients. Dieting patients can maximize their weight loss and increase their vitamin and mineral intake with our specially formulated “Vitamin Cocktail” injection. This cocktail contains a comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids which address many of the deficiencies we find in our bodies.

  • Improved Energy levels
  • Improved Focus and attention
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Appetite suppression
  • Weight loss

Contact Tucson Wellness MD to learn more about the possible benefits that a month supply of b-12 injections can have on your weight loss and lifestyle goals. Our FREE consultation is a great opportunity for you to ask our professionals any and all questions and to see if you a candidate for this treatment.

How B-12 Works

For those who happen to be feeling dull, for those who happen to be trying to find ways to supercharge your weight reduction attempts, or in case you lack energy, then B 12 vitamin shots could be the solution! B 12 shots are an effective solution to slow aging, also to enhance the immune apparatus, aid weight loss, energy, concentration as well as mood. Additionally it is useful for lowering high homocysteine levels that may promote cardiovascular disease, and really are a marker of inflammation.

B12 is common in foods like eggs and meat, nevertheless, a lot of people have a B12 vitamin shortage. It’s astonishingly common in meat eaters, also although B12 deficiency is particularly common among vegetarians and vegans.

This could comprise people experiencing specific autoimmune disorders, digestive ailments including ulcerative gastritis and Celiac Disease, or who experienced gastric bypass surgery. Certain drugs can also impede absorption, including some diabetes drugs. Since B vitamins are essential for nerve health as well as for the building of red blood cells, you could possibly feel more tired, less lively, and possess numerous other symptoms.

This could very quickly be repaired with B 12 shots. Because it Won't need to be consumed by the intestine, even those who've had little luck with oral nutritional supplements in days gone by may profit from B 12 shots. Tucson Wellness MD is invested in you seeing and feeling the benefits of our B-12 Shots.

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It is very common to be prescribed specific supplements such as vitamin B12 injections when taking phentermine.

The reason why this B12 injection is prescribed is because it has shown to boost weight loss when used with phentermine. It is to be noted however that it is not only B12 supplements that has shown boosts when taken with phentermine but other B vitamins too that lack the typical diet. You should find out more about how vitamin B12 when taken with other B vitamins boost diet from phentermine by their working together to reduce side-effects, improve their power and metabolic process, help reach their objectives all at the same time.

B-12 & Phentermine

Every patient taking phentermine and indeed all weight loss programs is always given vitamin B12 injection. This vitamin affects a number of things in the body ranging from energy production, fatty acid synthesis, body metabolism, which makes the body more efficient in converting food into energy and burning fat. This vitamin is an indispensible body vitamin but can be lacking if someone doesn’t eat much of animal products. B12 injections are given to patients to combat any deficiency of it in the patient’s body. This vitamin is not stored in the body (because it is water soluble) and so should be taken on a regular basis.

When one starts his or her journey to weight loss, he or she does not take certain diets and so, may not receive a daily dose of this vitamin. Without sufficient B12 in the body, some body processes might not function properly and this can lead to sluggishness and fatigue irrespective of the energetic property of phentermine. This might cause phentermine not to function at all. Because of this, physicians prescribe B12 whenever someone is to take phentermine. Still, there are 7 other B vitamins that are important to ensure the healthy body with most weight loss potential.

Because of this, taking B12 as part of your multivitamin rather than injecting it ensures that the body has sufficient levels of all essential B vitamin.

How do B vitamins ensure that we make the most out of phentermine weight loss??

The survey conducted the National Health and Nutrition Examination 2001-2008, showed that nearly 98% of American adults are lacking essential vitamins. There is the tendency of weight loss to be compromised if these vitamins are lacking. Below are some of the important vitamins needed to lose weight when taken with phentermine.

Important B Vitamins

B1 or Thiamine The first water soluble vitamin of the 8 vitamins of the B complex family is the B1 (Thiamine) and because it is water soluble, it is not stored in the body. B1 is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose (this makes it possible for the production of energy for carrying out essential body functions). This vitamin is also needed for the breakdown of fats and proteins and ensures that fat is not stored on the body.

B2 or Riboflavin on the other hand is also known as Riboflavin. It also plays an important role in weight loss by processing energy and amino acids in our body thereby preventing unused energy from being converted to fat. Because of this, our hard work of losing weight with phentermine is not made vain. B2 is an antioxidant and therefore, slows down the aging process. If this vitamin lacks in someone’s body, there will be signs of dry mouth and eyes which are also side effects of phentermine. To prevent these issues, you should ensure that you have adequate levels of vitamin B in your body at all times.

Niacin or B3 The third member of the B complex vitamin family B3 (also known as Niacin) helps release energy from fats, proteins and carbohydrates so they can be correctly made use of by our body. It ensures that our skin is healthy, sustains our digestive and nervous systems and help control blood sugar levels and all these are needed for long term and healthy weight loss.

B5 or Pantothenic Acid Pantothenic acid also known as B5 is responsible for digestion and break down of both fats and carbohydrates thereby ensuring that we have more energy and boosts our metabolism

Vitamin B6 B6 on the other hand, always recommended alongside B12 is a vitamin that helps in weight loss by reducing the amount of calories that our body takes in and burns stored calories. This ensures that glycogen is converted to glucose in a healthy way thereby increasing someone’s energy level. It aids he pancreas in producing enzymes that help in digestion and makes digestion more efficient thereby make someone feel full for long. It increases the efficiency of carbohydrate metabolism and also prevents the buildup of fat. It is believed among medical experts that this hormone helps improve thyroid hormone function, helps to burn energy and boosts metabolism and these things are needed for weight loss.

Biotin or B17  is needed for the metabolism of protein and fat, for production of energy and maintenance of skin and hair health. This hormone is also known as Biotin and if in small quantity, it could cause some side effects of phentermine like rashes, thinning hair, fatigue and nausea.

Folate or B9 is a vitamin that is also involved in protein digestion and metabolism and plays an important role in weight loss. It is also known as folate and helps in maintaining insulin levels and burn fat. Its deficiency can cause depression and anxiety. It can be found in root vegetables, beans, dark leafy greens and salmon.

From the fore discussed, it can be seen that having all these vitamins in sufficient levels is very important. This is because our body will not work efficiently if one is lacking. They boost the weight loss results expected from using phentermine and they all work together to improve our body function and digestion. They also increase our body metabolism and make the body convert food into energy more efficiently.

Finally, when one takes phentermine with vitamin B-12, he or she will get the best out of it. it will also ensure that they don’t experience any side effects using phentermine. The absences of these side effects are very important for long-term, healthy weight loss.